All Glitter. All the Time.

Except when it's not glitter. Then it is merely shiny.

Zoya's Kissy

My second worn Zoya is Kissy. This polish turned out to be a little too sheer for my taste.. so I layered it over one of my favorite red creams. This is.. Maybelline 'Salon Expert' Jazzy 510. It's a true red, no pink tones, no glitter.. a true red vamp it up shade. I mostly picked it to go with Kissy as any glitter or gleam will come from Kissy... Jazzy is a flat (but awesome) shade.

Kissy... is mostly a dark red glitter. But it has hot pink and holographic bar glitters too.. so it is nice and multi-tonal. Even in the mostly indirect "mood lighting" atmosphere of my home my eye is constantly caught by the changing gleams this polish shows off. I imagine this would make a kick arse clubbing or special occasion polish.

The no-flash image is very true to how this shade looks under normal lighting. It really does have that much play to it!
No flash. You can see how the different glitters lay and work together here.

Jazzy really helps bring out the candy apple red in Kissy. I am really curious to pair it with a pink or even a black matte shade to see if it pops as well as it does here.
I've worn Kissy now for 4 days. There are no chips, no tip wear.. nothing. Like most glitter polishes it seems to wear like iron. But.. like most glitter polishes... it is a bit rough to the touch. Two coats of top coat smoothed it out well. Still textured.. but not roughly so.

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