All Glitter. All the Time.

Except when it's not glitter. Then it is merely shiny.

Zoya's Kissy

My second worn Zoya is Kissy. This polish turned out to be a little too sheer for my taste.. so I layered it over one of my favorite red creams. This is.. Maybelline 'Salon Expert' Jazzy 510. It's a true red, no pink tones, no glitter.. a true red vamp it up shade. I mostly picked it to go with Kissy as any glitter or gleam will come from Kissy... Jazzy is a flat (but awesome) shade.

Kissy... is mostly a dark red glitter. But it has hot pink and holographic bar glitters too.. so it is nice and multi-tonal. Even in the mostly indirect "mood lighting" atmosphere of my home my eye is constantly caught by the changing gleams this polish shows off. I imagine this would make a kick arse clubbing or special occasion polish.

The no-flash image is very true to how this shade looks under normal lighting. It really does have that much play to it!
No flash. You can see how the different glitters lay and work together here.

Jazzy really helps bring out the candy apple red in Kissy. I am really curious to pair it with a pink or even a black matte shade to see if it pops as well as it does here.
I've worn Kissy now for 4 days. There are no chips, no tip wear.. nothing. Like most glitter polishes it seems to wear like iron. But.. like most glitter polishes... it is a bit rough to the touch. Two coats of top coat smoothed it out well. Still textured.. but not roughly so.

Zoya's Juleanne

I randomly picked which Zoya to wear first. Juleanne was the winner.


No flash.
I LOVED the color. It was a deep dark purple-blue in most lights and had a lovely glimmer of sparkle in it. I wasn't as pleased with the wear. It seemed to wear at the tips almost from the first day. It wasn't that noticeable.. but it was there. No real chipping.. just tip wear. Color made up for that though.

Got me some Zoya!

Most of my polish horde is of the cheapo drugstore ilk. I like it, I can pick up a bottle without making a special trek to the beauty supply stores..and it is cheap. I like cheap.Cheap means I can get more colors for the same money spent!

And so when I learned that Zoya was doing this deal that you could get two free bottles for the cost of shipping I was all over that like finger paints on a three year old.
My new lovelies.
 I got three. At one time I had well over 50 bucks worth of polish in my ecart....and I winnowed it down from there. That third bottle was both me rewarding the company for that deal.. and me really being unable to cut that last color.

I picked (Left to Right):
Juleanne ZP526
Jem ZP575
Kissy ZP578

I have Juleanne on right now.

Zoya is noted for its 'vegan' and safer, more natural formulations of polish. It is one of the first companies to remove toxic ingredients such as toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, and dibutyl phthalate from its formulas.

I can't comment on how 'long wearing' it is yet... as I have only worn the first color and for less then a week. I can say I have read that some of the colors really do best when used with their base and top coat. I used my own stuff.. and I knocked a big chip out mucking with my sewing machine.

I can say with complete honesty that the colors of the polishes I have are vibrant, LOVELY and not too thin so as to need a million coats.

Five Color Glitter on Grey

Remember that grey? I found a glitter for it!
Flash indoors.
This is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear 330 Grey Area with Wet-n-Wild Fast Dry 238C Party of Five Glitters.

No flash and much truer to how it actually looks.
It is nice and dark but in the light the glitter gives a nice play of light.

A Friday the 13th Pink

Remember my search for an awesomely bright pink? One to brighten up dull winter days?

I found it! And.. it was just a buck! Wee for sales!

Behold the Pink!
It's two coats of Sally Hansen Diamond Strength 45 Fuchsia Bling Bling. And you remember that pink glitter that looked so flat over that grey..? Yeah. It looks awesome over this shade. It's full of sparkle and movement in indoor and outside light. I call it a win! (It's Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear 140 Rockstar Pink.)

What a Difference Flash Makes

I'd like first to say that I hate this result. It was not what I had hoped for at all. There was just too much glitter in the glitter polish. Instead of it being made to POP off the nail by a dark background... it just was flattened by this grey color. I like them both. Just not together.

But I took a few pictures before I decided it was a total YECH. I found the difference interesting between the flash and lack of...

The colors, in case you like this for the lack of a better word, look, are Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear 140 Rockstar Pink over Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear 330 Grey Area.

Orchid Frost

A Frosted Lovely.

Yeah.. I have a bit of tip wear. I took this a few days after I'd done my nails and had no time to fix that edge.
This is an Orchid Ice look. I went with orchid purples in honor of an actual orchid plant that decided it was going to spike for me. Woo, orchid plant!

What it is:
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Royal Romance 61
Wet N Wild Fast Dry 234c Hannah Pinktana
Pure Ice 991 Spit Fire

How it was done:
Apply a nice base of the Sally Hanson. Dry. Apply a thin single coat of the Wet N Wild stuff. Dry.
Since it was a grand total of 6 Fahrenheit outside when I did these I was thinking I did a frost effect with the glitter. Get a nice gob of your glitter and while thinking 'frost on the windows' dab it gently along the tip of your nail and pull it up one side. Repeat on each nail, 'frosting' the same side on all ten for a window effect. Top coat it.