All Glitter. All the Time.

Except when it's not glitter. Then it is merely shiny.

Tahitian Pearl, a Darker Summer Ocean Blue

I rather like this deeper blue. It is a semi-gloss with faintly gleaming teeny tiny glitters built in. It almost reminds me of a quiet ocean lagoon... the summer sun glinting off peaceful waves.

A lovely blue with bright highlights.

This was a difficult color to photograph. It is rich, but the camera's flash washes it out. It is shimmery, but the light box makes it look too dark. Holding my hand under a lamp seemed to pull out the best color... at the expense of some clarity. That bright white spot is a characteristic of this polish.

I did say it reminded me of sun on waves? That bit of white on rich blue is why.

I can almost smell the sea salt. And margaritas. Mmmmm..
The wear of this Wet-n-Wild polish pleases me. I've worn it all week with no top coat and just a basic base coat with minimal chipping. Yup, Tahitian Pearl Mega Last is a pleasing summer shade of blue.

An August Blue Polish

I've worn this shade for the last two weeks. It's summery but subtle. It's blue but it's that delicate shade of an August sky, a summer wild flower... the shimmer of heat on pavement and blueberry ice cream.

It doesn't hurt that it wears like iron.

It's  Wet-n-Wild MegaLast Salon Nail Color I Need a Refresh-Mint 218A. I think I paid two dollars for it.

I love the blue of this.
 It really is that pure of a creamy summer blue. Love. Love. Love.
It's retro without trying.
And I didn't even want to add glitter. Odd...


Well, I'm going to put this blog on hiatus.

My camera died and all I have is a craptastic cell phone lens. It does a crappy job at catching anything more then an over exposed blur of my fingernails.

Also all my picture links seem to be broken. Boo.