All Glitter. All the Time.

Except when it's not glitter. Then it is merely shiny.

New Years Eve Nails AKA All the Iced Glitter!

I created some super icey nails for New Years. I used a few polishes here...and a Q-Tip.
This is with flash. These are blinding in person.

Wet N Wild Fast Dry 236C Silvivor
Wet N Wild Fast Dry 230C Saved by the Blue
Wet N Wild Fast Dry 235C Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire
Wet N Wild Shine 460D Kaleidoscope 
O.P.I. Last Friday Night

I did two thin coats of silver (Wet N Wild Fast Dry 236C Silvivor). Let them dry.
Take the Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire. Apply a light coat to the bottom 2/3rds on the nail.

 I then took my blue (Wet N Wild Fast Dry 230C Saved by the Blue) and painted the half of the nail near the tip following the curve of the nail. I did a second thin coat at the tip to make it nice and blue. Allow to dry.

I took my Q-Tip, dipped it in polish remover and lightly removed parts of the top edge of the blue. Blend it or streak it.. I did a bit of both to make it look like ice. Or just neaten it to a sharp line. Your choice.

Now for GLITTER.

Take your silver glitter. Lightly brush it over the silver and blended silver/blue area. Now, the blue glitter. First one coat over just the tip of the blue. Dry. Now a second fuller coat over all the blue. You want nails like frozen candy, the iced maw of heavy icicles hanging from your grandmum's porch and to do this you need the layered gleam these layers give you. 
No flash. Here you can see the little glitter bits and some of the streaking.
Allow to dry, top coat and enjoy the disco ball sparkle while the big ball drops.

Pinky Glitters!

I love the glitters.

But I don't generally love the pink glitters. It's a long long story.

This one I liked though.... it was shockingly hot pink in the jar. A bright and bold shade I thought would be a lot of fun for after the Giftmas season when things tend to get a bit dull visually since people take down their lights.

But, it did not go on as expected. Two coats of this very glittery polish give a multi-faceted pinky-peach with lots of color play. Its a bit rough but a coat of clear helped with that feeling. It also doesn't photograph well.

Pretty pink glitter polish, Kimmy likes it.

It's not the hot pink I thought I was going to get... but I like it. It's Sinful Colors Professional Pinky Glitter 830

Solstice Nails!

First Post! And I picked a festive theme!
Never mind what is left of my henna 'eye'.
I wanted do do a festive thing... and I wanted to do it with what I had on hand.

So I picked out three glitter polishes:
Red- Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear 390 Red Carpet
Green- Wet N Wild 226C Sagreena the Teenage Witch
Gold- Wet N Wild 223C The Gold and the Beautiful.

I have to say here how pleased I've been with the hold power of this bunch of wet n wild. I've been trying to loose weight.. and so each time when I'd shop instead of buying a snack of junk I'd buy one of these cheaper then cheap polishes (they are a bit over a buck here) as a reward. They hold for me for a week or a bit more. My nails growing to show pinky-nailbed at the roots is why I change the polish more then chipping at the tip.

So, back to these nails. Two coats of that yummy glitter red. I then very carefully dotted on three green 'leaves' for the holly or whatever it was supposed to be. Maybe mistletoe.. I like being kissed.. A final dab of golden glitter for the berry completes the nail.

I was sure to let the red fully dry before adding the green and gold. The green was rather tacky when I put on the gold, but not runny. I then covered it all with a clear coat.