All Glitter. All the Time.

Except when it's not glitter. Then it is merely shiny.

Orchid Frost

A Frosted Lovely.

Yeah.. I have a bit of tip wear. I took this a few days after I'd done my nails and had no time to fix that edge.
This is an Orchid Ice look. I went with orchid purples in honor of an actual orchid plant that decided it was going to spike for me. Woo, orchid plant!

What it is:
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Royal Romance 61
Wet N Wild Fast Dry 234c Hannah Pinktana
Pure Ice 991 Spit Fire

How it was done:
Apply a nice base of the Sally Hanson. Dry. Apply a thin single coat of the Wet N Wild stuff. Dry.
Since it was a grand total of 6 Fahrenheit outside when I did these I was thinking I did a frost effect with the glitter. Get a nice gob of your glitter and while thinking 'frost on the windows' dab it gently along the tip of your nail and pull it up one side. Repeat on each nail, 'frosting' the same side on all ten for a window effect. Top coat it.

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